Scottish Community Drama Edinburgh District
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After a break of a year the Full Length Festival is back with a new adjudicator and reduced entry fee!

The competition is open to all SCDA clubs in Eastern Division to enter one or more of their full length productions to be held between 1ST MARCH 2017 and 28th FEBRUARY 2018.

The adjudicator will be Gavin Orr. Gavin has been performing on stage for over 20 years and has been directing/producing mostly children and youth theatre productions since 2004. Throughout his career, he has also worked on Radio as a Presenter/Producer, here and abroad. He also co-owns Goldray Productions - a small media production company who have written/produced across theatre, radio and film. He is currently working with Forth Valley College as a Media/Communications Lecturer.

The marking system is identical to that in place for the One-Act Festivals. Acting [out of] 40; Production 35; Stage Presentation 15; General Achievement 10. There is one trophy for the winner only, the Fraser Neal Trophy, which will be presented at the Eastern Divisional Final in 2018.

The entry fee of £60 for 2017/18 has been reduced from £70 in 2015/16. The remainder of the fee for the adjudicator, plus his travel expenses, will be paid by Eastern Division.  Please complete the entry form as soon as you have performance dates for your entry, it does not need to be just your next show. We will do our best to schedule a visit on one of your preferred dates, but this is not always possible if multiple entries are to be visited in the same week. We will always aim to give you as much notice as we can. Payment via online banking is available if you submit your entry by email, or a posted hard copy form and cheque are equally acceptable. Details / Mobile 07799408608. You will be required to send a copy of your script to the Divisional Secretary for it to be forwarded to the adjudicator three weeks prior to the date of the adjudication. Permission for any cuts or changes to the text will need to be obtained and notified to the adjudicator as soon as possible by that time. The script will be returned after the adjudication.


The adjudicator will visit your production accompanied by a steward whom we will appoint. Please reserve two adjacent seats which give a clear view of the stage. Also, if it is possible in your venue, it would be ideal if you could arrange for a room or quiet corner to be available for the adjudicator to cogitate.

At the end of the performance the cast and crew will receive a verbal adjudication, ideally in the venue, but in an alternative space if that were more feasible for your particular circumstances. A written report will be provided soon thereafter but your personal marks and the placings will be withheld until all the entries have been visited.

The winners will be announced at the Eastern Divisional Final presentation ceremony.