Scottish Community Drama Edinburgh District
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Results of the Edinburgh District round of the 84th SCDA 2016 One Act Festival held at Church Hill Theatre between 19th and 20th February 2016.

St Serfs Players with Alan Robinson’s “Erica & Me” directed by Philip Wilson and starring:

Charlie West, Derek Ward,Rona Arnot, Vicki Horne, Lynsey Spence, Sophie Williams and Fredrick Morrison

Leitheatre-StageRight with “Audience” and Leitheatre-Sunnyside with “Flying Doctor” starring: Carol Jeffreys, Don Arnott, Marion Donohue, Amy Totty, Euan McIntyre, Amelia Hodgson, Brian Thomson, Martin Dick, Patrick Griffen, Moria Macdonald, Zoe Kelly, Kevin Rowe and Chloe McIntyre

Leitheatre-Sunnyside with Moliere’s “Flying Doctor”  directed by Matt Mason and starring: Matt Mason, Chloe McIntyre, Don Arnott, Mike Paton, Liza Shackleton, Amelia Hodgson

SCDA 2016 One Act Festival - Edinburgh District Photo Gallery