Scottish Community Drama Edinburgh District
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30th May 2019


Group: Edinburgh People’s Theatre  entered in the Eastern Division Full Length Festival

Production: It Runs In the Family  By Ray Cooney

Venue: Church Hill Theatre,  Morningside Road, Edinburgh Dates/Time: May 29th – 1st June  7.30pm

Tickets: £12 (£10) (booking fees apply) Additional Info: A faced paced hilarious farce set in a hospital where a senior doctor mismanages a chaotic series of events on the most important day of his career.

Group: EGTG  entered in the Eastern Div Full Length Festival

Production: The Lark by Jean Annouilh - contemporary translation by Gill Taylor.

Venue: Benfield Community Centre, 16B Bellfield Street, Portobello, EH15 2BP

Dates/Time: 4th to 8th  June, 7:30pm  

Tickets: £12 booked in advance £15 at venue.  

Additional Info: An epic retelling of the trial, condemnation and execution of Joan of Arc. Amidst the messy protracted skirmishes of the one of the world’s longest wars, a teenage peasant girl led an army of men into battle and carved a victory that defined France. She claims that God asked her to save the country. She is accused of witchcraft – the punishment for which is being burnt at the stake. Jean Anouilh’s classic play recreates Joan’s trial by the church and depicts a woman colliding with the male establishment with all the instinct, passion and panache of a revolutionary.