Scottish Community Drama Edinburgh District
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PROPS, COSTUMES, SET PIECES WANTED - Nothing is too weird.   Previously I have appealed amongst other things for a severed head, an old typewriter,  a camel suit, an old telephone, guns, an embroidered coat,  a silver inkpot and   a coffin.    

30th May 2019


Production - Macpherson's Rant.  

Blackout Productions - Looking to cast these parts for Fringe 2019 in Scottish Musical  

More information: musical based on a true story and songs listen to here:  Angus Fraser    -  The overseer for Laird Duff of Braco. A widower, who has brought up his three daughters after his wife’s death. In failing health he wants a secure life for his daughters and believes that if Bess marries The Laird then they will all be safe from poverty and destitution.  Playing Age 60 +  Robbie   -   The young Jacobite, he idolised Lachlan and Tamas. He is good looking and smart but also a fearless fighter.  Needs to be able to sing.    Playing age 17 +  Alan Graham   -   One of the Recruiting Sergeants for the newly founded Highland Regiment. He is both flamboyant and menacing.  Needs to be able to sing.  Playing Age 30 +  Choir – Strong vocalists who will not be required on stage to perform but will sit up on the balcony to sing.  I need a further 6 members, 3 female (2 x alto, 1 sop) 3 males (2 base, 1 tenor)  Any age.  Acting Ensemble/Dancers – Require a further 2 females with dancing capability (so youngish up to playing age 35) and 3 males again with dancing capability.   Need to be able to sing but will be on stage as ensemble and will sit with choir when offstage.  Please contact: