Scottish Community Drama Edinburgh District
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AA Pantos: Original Pantomime Scripts by Alistair Ferguson & Alan Richardson

 another, with amazing theatre practitioners, in a supportive and collaborative environment.

AE-All Edinburgh Theatre.Com: Reviews, news and previews of professional and amateur theatre in Edinburgh by Thom Dibdin

Arkle Theatre Company Edinburgh: Arkle Theatre Company is a theatre company based in Edinburgh. We are not a club, and have no members! We hold (fairly) open auditions for each show and cast the very best in each show.

Discover Fine Acting: DF Acting offers acting classes for fun and for continued professional development, along with specialised tuition for those interested in the works of William Shakespeare.

Edinburgh & Lothians Clubs Our clubs

Jazz Hands Scotland: A theatre group set up to help promote amateur theatre in and around Scotland. we will post about any theatre thing we find on facebook, plus if you are a theatre club let us know what show you are doing and we will post up all about it on our wall for you.

Noble House: The Noble House offers both practical, pragmatic and creative therapeutic techniques.

Peapod Productions: The aim of Peapod Productions is to create new and exciting theatre and provide an opportunity to showcase new or unknown work.

Plays by Alan Richardson: Award-winning internationally performed plays

Raw Talent Company: “…let’s take over the world – one actor at a time, one insanely brilliant kids’ show at a time and let’s show that same world that anything is possible…”

SCDA National Website: ….. .supports and encourages the development of theatre arts and drama in the volunteer-led sector by promoting high quality standards and best practice.

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