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Full Length Festival

When an SCDA Festival event is known about then this will be listed here with dates and venue when known

                     1-Act Festivals 2023 dates and locations where known

          Edinburgh district  20th to the 25th Feb 2023 Church Hill Theatre, Edinburgh EH10 4DR

                     1-Act Festivals 2022 dates and locations where known

  • Edinburgh District Open  2022:-      Results 

                                      Youth 2022:-     Results

  • Eastern Division 2022:-                     Results
  • Eastern Division Youth 2022:-          Results

  • The Scottish Youth Final 2022:- 11th June. Bathgate Reconnect Regal
                                                                            Adjudicator: Mr Alisdair Hawthorn

  • The Scottish 1-Act open festival 2022: 21st to 23rd April. Kirkwall, Orkney Results

  • Geoffrey Whitworth Competition:- Result on the British festival page

Other forthcoming festivals  (please note dates are provisional )

  • STAGEHD                                :- See    https://theegtg.com/

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